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Security | Beware of Deceptive Notices

These days, pretending isn’t just for kids.

Please watch out for deceptive notices that could appear to be from our bank.

  • Did you recently buy a house?
  • Refinance your mortgage?
  • Take out a home equity loan?

If so, you might have received mail, email, texts, calls, or other solicitations that reference First Northern Bank and Trust by name to make you take them seriously.

Be warned; these materials are not coming from us.

First Northern Bank and Trust neither shares nor sells non-public customer information to affiliates or third parties for marketing purposes.

Typically, these materials are sent by businesses in the mortgage industry that harvest public information from a Recorder of Deeds Office or purchase trigger leads (generated by credit bureaus when a lender checks your credit). Once they know you’ve closed on a mortgage or loan, they can use your name, loan amount, mortgage number, property address, and other details to target you. You may receive offers for home warranties, life insurance, and other products and services.

While some offers might be genuine and others could be scams, none of them are related to First Northern Bank and Trust in any way.

Often, these offers convey a sense of urgency, using words like important, response needed, immediate, time-sensitive, or final notice. By exerting a little pressure, they hope to make you respond in haste without thoroughly reading the offer or doing your due diligence. 

If you study the correspondence carefully, you should be able to locate a tiny disclaimer that says something like, “Information obtained via public record. Not affiliated with First Northern Bank and Trust Co.”

First Northern Bank and Trust’s official communications include our logo, Member FDIC, and Equal Housing Lender.

If you receive unwanted solicitations, you are under no obligation to respond. Feel free to disregard and dispose of the materials. If you have concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call 1-800-344-2274 or stop into any of our 11 convenient branch locations.