Woman entering debit card information into computer

Debit Card Safety Information


  • As you approach the ATM, be on the alert for any suspicious persons or circumstances. If you observe or sense something is wrong DO NOT USE THE MACHINE. Come back at another time or use another ATM at a different location.
  • Have your Debit Card ready when you approach the machine. By having it ready to use your transaction becomes quicker and safer.
  • When entering your PIN be sure to shield the ATM keyboard from potential onlookers.
  • When leaving the ATM DO NOT COUNT OR EXPOSE ANY MONEY you received from the ATM. IMMEDIATELY put it in your pocket or purse.


When a Debit/Credit card is skimmed, data on the card, including the account number is electronically transmitted or stored. That information can then be encoded onto a counterfeit card and used anywhere your Debit/Credit card can be used.

Skimming devices can be installed at an ATM, Gasoline Pumps even on a handheld machine.

  • ATMs – The skimming device fits over the real ATM card reader slot. If the card has wiggle room or there is a gap and something appears to be glued into place, the ATM may have been tampered with. To reduce your risk at an ATM, use machines at banks rather then convenience stores or other isolated locations. It is less likely for a thief to attach a device at a bank where there is more surveillance.
  • Gasoline Pumps – Skimming devices are installed inside the pumps in minutes. A gas pump key can fit several different pump housings at several different stations thereby allowing for quick and easy access to install the skimming device. Whenever possible pay inside, however, if you must pay at the pump use your Debit card as a credit which DOES NOT require your PIN.
  • Handheld Devices – Someone can quickly record your card information with a swipe on one of these small devices. Whenever possible try to always maintain possession or at least a visual on your Debit/Credit card during your transaction.


  • Always protect & secure your ATM/Debit card like you would your cash, credit cards and checks.
  • Don't leave your ATM/Debit card lying around your home, office, or other locations where someone would have the opportunity to pick it up and use it.
  • Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) secret and never give it to anyone.
  • NEVER write your PIN on your ATM/Debit card.
  • Whenever possible use your ATM/Debit card as a Credit, this allows you to not have to enter your PIN.
  • Try to always keep your eyes on your ATM/Debit card during a transaction, so your card will not be switched or used for another purchase unauthorized by you.
  • Verify your monthly Financial Statements for accuracy of your Debit card transactions.
  • Never give out information about your ATM/Debit card over the telephone. For example, if you receive a call supposedly, from your financial institution wanting to verify your ATM/Debit account number and PIN, DO NOT GIVE THAT INFORMATION OUT. Tell the caller that you will only communicate that information in person at your financial institution.
  • Finally, if your ATM/Debit card is lost or stolen or you suspect fraud, report it IMMEDIATELY to your financial institution to limit any financial loss.