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Account Alerts

Online Banking Account Alerts are now available.

Use your computer to sign into Online Banking. Once you are logged in, choose the Options tab and click on Personal. Then select Modify Personal Settings. If you have not yet entered your mobile phone number and your wireless provider address, please do it now. If you don't know your carrier's address, simply send a text message from your smartphone to your email address. When you receive the email, the From field will show the correct carrier address.

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Next, select the Options tab and click on Alerts. Enable your chosen alerts in 4 categories:

  • Event - a specified account activity triggers the alert
  • Balance - the alert triggers when the account balance goes above or below a specified amount
  • Item - the alert triggers when a check clears
  • Personal - the alert triggers on a specified date (personal alerts have free-form text)

You can choose to receive individual text notifications or view alerts when you login. Selecting both Login and Text alert delivery methods is not recommended.

  • Events
  • Generate when a specified activity occurs
  • Apply to all accounts linked to your Online Banking
    Remain in effect until they are deselected


To enable a balance alert, choose an alert type, the desired account, the condition (above or below), and the target balance.

  • Generate when your account balance is above or below a specified amount
  • Apply to only selected accounts
  • Remain in effect until they are deselected


  • Generate when a specified check clears
  • Apply to only selected accounts


  • Generate on a specified date
  • Contain free-form text

If you select text delivery, you may be asked to confirm your phone number and carrier.

If your contact information changes, it is important to update it in Online Banking to make sure you continue receiving alerts. To make changes to your email address or phone number, select Options, then Personal, then Modify Personal Settings.

Text messages to your mobile device are free, but all other fees on calls and texts are subject to the terms of your voice/data plan with your mobile carrier.